Individual sources may be resolved based on CSIA when the initial isotope compositions are sufficiently resolved. The isoSoil software will allow for this in combination with corrections for the in situ post-release isotope fractionation.
Once CSIA will be firmly established as a tool for soil contamination assessment and site characterization, the isoSoil CSIA concept will be readily available through an emphasized development of commercially available software with user-friendly graphical interfaces for easy CSIA data interpretations by prospective soil managers.
Technically, the software will provide:

• expandable data base of environmentally important isotopic fractionation factors
• expandable data base of environmentally important kinetic isotope effect
• a link to computational software that may be used for theoretical predictions of transition state structure and kinetic isotope effects of desired reactions/processes
• a link/module for on-the-fly low-cost calculations of transition state structures and kinetic isotope effects of desired reactions/processes
• expandable data base of mathematical formulas of equation
• graphical interface that will allow for interactive modeling of equation
• web access to the graphical interface and interactive modeling of equation
• a link/module for translation of reaction-specific isotope fractionation factors to other reactions
• a link/module for evaluation of multi-dimensional CSIA data
• a link/module for statistical optimization of CSIA sampling

The isoSoil Software Web Application is available at: http://app.isosoil.eu
The research has received funding from the European Community's Seventh.
Framework Programme FP7/(2009-2012) under grant agreement no 212781.