Extraction ofvolatile target compounds
Chlorineisotope analysis
Preparationof samples for compound-specific radiocarbon analysis
Experimentswith abiotic reactions, pertaining to chlorine isotope fractionation

Enterprisewithin the sector of analytical chemistry
Link to thecommercial sector
HellenicCentre for Marine Research
Microbialexperiments to constrain the kinetic isotope effects during degradation oftarget compounds

EidgenössischeTechnische Hochschule Zürich
Sampling andanalysis of compounds for compound-specific nitrogen isotope analysis
Experimentswith abiotic reactions, pertaining to nitrogen and carbon isotope fractionation
Developmentof the theoretical framework for extended use of isotope fractionation factors

Sampling ofsemi-volatile compounds (HCHs and PAHs) in the Czech Republic
Extractionand quantification of semi-volatile compounds

Earth Tech CZ
Link to thecommercial sector of environmental consulting
Sampling ofvolatile compounds (PCE and TCE) in the Czech Republic
Selection ofsuitable field-demonstration site

Developmentof the theoretical framework for prediction of isotope fractionation factors

Bristol University
Compound-specificanalysis of carbon and hydrogen isotopes
Degradationstudies using stable isotope probing
FQS Poland
Softwaredevelopment for interpretation of CSIA results

Developmentof web interface for software and isoSoil website

IVL – SwedishEnvironmental Research Institute
Developmentof a statistically optimized sampling strategy for CSIA
The research has received funding from the European Community's Seventh.
Framework Programme FP7/(2009-2012) under grant agreement no 212781.